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Owning property that others live in has many advantages - a steady stream of income being one of these. But it has pitfalls too. Tenants fall into two categories: the kind of people who respect your investment and their finanacial obligations; and the kind who don't. Even with dream tenants who pay their rents and levies on time, your investment could deteriorate if the development's body corporate is not up to par. Here's what all landlords need to know.

Legal Advice with Marlon Shevelew

Marlon ShevelewMarlon Shevelew is a qualified attorney. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law degrees from the University of Cape Town. Marlon is a member of the Law Society of the South Africa (Cape of Good Hope  →
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Good tenant selection is the key

lthough right now the number of buy-to-let investors in the residential property sector is well below the previous peaks, an upswing in this field is definitely on the cards because rents are rising very satisfactorily year-on-year – and this, says Tony Clarke, the Rawson Property  →
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Interest on rental deposits

Most rental agents have traditionally paid the interest accrued on tenants’ damage deposits while in their trust accounts back to the tenant, but they actually need to check their lease agreements before doing so, advises Annette Evans, regional manager of  →
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10 Steps to increase savings for owners, landlords and tenants

Motivation for a greater savings culture in SA by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was heard at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the SA Savings Institute. Emphasis fell on the need for a changed mindset toward increased personal savings, from young  →
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Landlord/Tenant Relationship

The relationship between a landlord and his tenant is often fraught with tension. Just ask the average unhappy tenant and he will most likely tell you that his landlord’s sole ambition is to rip him off and make his life as difficult as possible.  →
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The Tenant-landlord-body corporate triangle

Many, many sectional titles units are bought as investments and the sections occupied by tenants – I wonder what the proportion is?   Normally, the lease of a property gives rise to two relationships: the relationship between the landlord and  →
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Managing Tenants

ACQUIRING buy-to-let properties within the investment portfolio offers long-term capital growth while providing short and medium-term income from tenants occupying the house. However, a property can be beautifully designed and in a highly desirable areas, but if tenants are not correctly managed  →
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The landlord is selling, what are your rights?

A situation may arise where a tenant finds him/herself in a situation where the landlord would like to put their property on the market. So just what happens to tenants if this happens, and are they within their rights to  →
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Think before you rent

Rentals make up a vital segment of South Africa’s property market. Over the past few years, this sector was thrust into the spotlight like never before thanks to the advent of the National Credit Act (NCA) and the recession which resulted in a  →
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What to do if your tenants don’t pay rent

  If a landlord finds himself in a situation where a tenant is not paying his rent, then it is best to initiate legal action as soon as possible to avoid months of lost income in rent, says Michael Bauer,  →
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