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Muncipal Rates & Zoning
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How your local municipality values your property directly affects the rates that you will pay every month. Here are the details on how properties are valued, as well as how you can compare and contest what your local council thinks your property is worth.

Tax benefits for working from home

There are tax benefits to working from home but they are limited. If you earn remuneration it’s very difficult indeed to claim any deductions for your home office expenses. If you earn mainly commission it’s a bit easier. If you  →
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Constitutional turf wars

Property developers need – and want – to be able to walk into a town planning department, submit their applications, pay their fee and leave in the secure knowledge that the matter has been left in competent hands. By 1995 everyone  →
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Is it legal to work from home?

All formal towns are governed by a town planning scheme (also nowadays known as a land use management scheme) in terms of which each parcel of land or stand has a specific zoning or land use right. A zoning is  →
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Municipal rates objections: eThekwini

Where can I find out what other properties have been valued at? The valuation roll is open for public inspection at the office of the Municipal Manager, Valuation Roll, 13th Floor, 75 Dr Langalibalele Dube Street (Winder Street), Durban, and  →
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Municipal rates evaluations: FAQs

The Municipal Property Rates Act What is the Municipal Property Rates Act? The Municipal Property Rates Act is national legislation that empowers municipalities to raise rates. Its purpose is to provide nationwide uniformity, simplicity and certainty as well as to  →
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